Safety First

More safety at work

If you own a company one of the most important things you should think about is to make your employees safe at their working place. With Softalarm a common workplace safety can be brought up to the higher level.

Employees in security companies are facing danger on daily basis. A worker in a construction company may end up heavily hurt on a construction site with no one around to help him. Looking for the help using a normal phone call sometimes is not good enough if you need help fast.

Softalarm can help you with that. With just one tap on the screen all the people in the previously defined group will get alarmed at once that the alarm sender is in trouble. Receivers will also get instant GPS-coordinates and the position will be uploaded in real time consistently while the alarm is on. 

Feeling secured during night work

Working night shifts can always use some extra safety. A taxi driver working the night shift can always expect something unpleasant to happen. For example he needs to go out of town to pick a group of guys from the party in the middle of night. If he gets bullied by young men who had few drinks too much, he would like to alarm his working colleagues fast.

Softalarm app provides that service. With just one press on the red button every taxi driver in the group will be aware that one of the people in the shift is in trouble.

And they will instantly get the exact location. All they have to do is to download Softalarm app, create a  group of night shift drivers and define senders and receivers.