Family First

Safety for your family

The Softalarm service allows you to add unlimited amount of your family members to a group. As a father, you can add your children, grandma and uncle to the group and tag them as alarm senders, alarm receivers, or why not both. You are an admin of the group and can decide who is sending alarms and who is receiving them. The best thing about this service is that one person can be the receiver in any group.

A perfect user case is the one where you turn the social structure around you, neighbors and friends. For example: what if you as a parent are receiver and so is the uncle, brother, neighbors as well. A neighborhood watch ready to deploy out of the box, when something happens everybody will be out!


Staying secure on your vacation

You can use Softalarm service anywhere in the world, with your family or a group of friends you can easily create an event group for free and add the people around you. 

Let's say you come from England to visit Ukraine and you have limited to no experience of the Ukraine language or the city you are going to. Something happens and you need to tell your friends and family where you are.

Here we run into several problems, you don't know where you are, you can't pronounce the street names and you are stressed.

Softalarm helps you with all of this - when the alarm is sent the phone updates its GPS coordinates every 2 seconds to your friends and family  and they can follow you on the map.